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Crow Chaser new ALL TIME HIGH 4/6/2016 Gross return since 7/27/2005 762%              

Symphonic Index new HIGH  11/3/15


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Our Beliefs are the foundation of the services we provide.

  1. You "CAN" time the market.  To everything there is a season. A time to buy, a time to sell, a time to be in money market.
  2. You cannot expect to grow your assets if you spend more time taking out the trash every week then you do managing your investments.
  3. Individual investors have an advantage in the market. 
  4. Every single day the market provides new hints about what the market is likely to do tomorrow.
  5. If research is free it will not be acted on.
  6. "Buy and Hold" is a prayer that all too often results in disappointment and anxiety about tomorrow.
  7. When the information age (Yahoo Finance) reached the individual and his PC the playing field was leveled. 
  8. The return of the S&P500 is easily exceeded by individual investors. This is a a daunting task for mutual fund managers.
  9. A toolbox is as critical to an investor as it is to a mechanic.  We are that toolbox.
  10. There are two ways to catch a bus, Leave Early or Run Fast.  We teach IRAs to Run Fast.     

             Our Philosophy
at Scarecrow Trading is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to use market timing/absolute return strategies to manage your investments.  However using an absolute return strategy can be the critical component of how you become a millionaire. 

     Scarecrow Trading has developed various multifaceted signals that are built with market timing algorithms that can be used by individuals or professional firms.   We believe that these strategies can become a critical component to any investor’s overarching portfolio management strategy.  All of our signals are End of Day trading signals.  Ideal for mutual funds or ETF's.  Signals are delivered and posted by AM for trades to be executed at close.     

     Please take some time and review the signal offerings to the left and the business case put together in the learn more section on absolute returns below.

     It has been 15 years since the market peak of 2000 and the market has just now recovered. March 10, 2000 the Nasdaq was at 5,048.62.  The big stick we were hit with was enough for us at Scarecrow Trading to undertake the development of systems that can both survive and also profit in Bear markets through the use of inverse funds and taking cash positions at times of high risk.  It is time to take a more critical look at buy-and-hold strategies used to manage equities.

    "Remember this and also be persuaded of its truth - the future is not in the hands of fate, but in ourselves"

           -Jules Jusserand

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2016 Mar YTD Results Gross

S&P500 0.04%
Crow Chaser 3.33%
Symphonic Index -10.31%


2015 EOY Results Gross

S&P500 -.73%
Crow Chaser 8.6%
Symphonic Index 15.74%



2014 EOY Results Gross

S&P500 11.39%
Crow Chaser .99%
Symphonic Index 1.74%
Proverbs -.76%

2013 EOY Results Gross

S&P500 29.60%
Crow Chaser 64.29%
Symphonic Index 51.73%

     Now Available!

Separate Managed Accounts which use Crow Chaser signal through
Strategic Income Advisors.  These accounts are traded EXACTLY like the tracking accounts that generated the returns you see above!  Fees are charged for this service. 
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Take a look at a macro trend.  See what is around the corner.

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     Absolute return market signals that have stood the test of time through actual verfied live trading.  All signals are designed for active management and are to be traded against Index based ETFs or Mutual funds.  Trade signals delivered via email or website in AM for market end of day execution.  
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